Melanoma Surgery

Melanoma can be a scary diagnosis, however, most melanomas can be easily treated with surgery. Dr. Fakhouri will help you determine if your melanoma can be cured with a surgery in the office. If you have a more advanced melanoma our team will help you get connected to the experts you need.

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magnified acne scars of a woman
skin condition treatment
Skin Cancer Specialists

How To Get Rid Of Ice-Pick Scars

When pimples are plucked or popped, they can leave indented scars on your skin.   These scars go all the way down to the dermal

Young lady under going acne extraction
skin condition treatment
Skin Cancer Specialists

Acne Extraction: What You Need To Know

Acne is something that almost everyone has experienced at some point in their lives. In the heat of the moment, most individuals desire to pop