Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Bring To My Appointment?

The Mohs process can last a couple of hours. The surgery time is very short, however, the laboratory analysis of the cancer cells can take an hour or two. Feel free to bring a book or magazine or a family member or friend to keep you company. Please remember to bring your insurance card and method of payment.

What Is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is the gold standard treatment for most skin cancers. With the Mohs technique, the surgeon is able to remove the cancer cells and analyze the skin microscopically to ensure the entire cancer has been cured. Mohs surgery has a 99% cure rate for most skin cancers.

What Do I Need To Know Before My Surgery?

Treat your surgery morning like a regular day. Please take all of your medicines and eat a good breakfast. Please let us know if you think you may be nervous during surgery. We can prescribe you a mild sedative to be taken in the office.

What Can I Expect After My Procedure?

You will have some swelling and mild pain after the surgery. We recommend that you take the pain medication before the numbing wears off. Dr Fakhouri will call you from his cell phone (Connecticut number) the evening after surgery to check on you.

Will I Be Able To Return To Work?

Depending on what you do for work, you should be able to return within a few days. We will explain any restrictions you may have and provide a doctors letter.

Will My Insurance Cover This?

Yes, all insurance plans cover skin cancer treatment. However, each plan has different deductibles and coinsurance percentages. When we schedule you for surgery we will check your insurance status and give you a quote. Please understand that the quote is an estimate and that insurance deductibles are not immediately updated in the system. We now accept Care Credit. If you have any questions about quotes or scheduling, please email our scheduling coordinator: [email protected]

How Do I Take Care Of My Surgery Site?

We will explain the wound care instructions in detail and will provide a print out. If you have any wound care questions please email: [email protected]

Mohs Surgery

What Do I Need To Know Before My Surgery?

Preparation Document: Download

What Can I Expect During My Procedure?

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What Can I Expect After My Procedure?

Post-Procedure Document: Download

How Will I Know My Insurance Will Cover This?

Our benefits coordinator will contact your insurance company well in advance of your procedure and will give you a detailed explanation of how your benefits will apply before you ever enter the operating room. We will only proceed with surgery once you have had a chance to review your benefits and any possible out-of-pocket expenses.


Our staff will be happy to explain how we bill your insurance at any time, however, we emphasize that if you have any further questions regarding your benefits or an insurance policy, you should speak directly with your insurance carrier to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

After surgery, can I have Dr. Fakhouri do my skin checks?

Dr. Fakhouri kindly requests that you see your regular dermatologist for your skin checks. Once your surgery is complete we will inform your dermatologist and help you coordinate your follow up skin checks with her or him. If you need a dermatologist, we are happy to assist you in finding an excellent board certified dermatologist.

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