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Tarek Fakhouri, MD
Taerk Fakhouri, MD

As your surgeon, I am committed to curing your cancer, keeping you comfortable, and giving you the best cosmetic result, while keeping your treatment cost-effective. The experienced team at Skin Cancer Specialists in Sugarland, Houston, Katy and Conroe, Texas, understand that the health of your skin has a huge impact on your overall health and self-confidence. To promote your wellbeing, they provide truly individualized care by getting to know each patient and striving to develop long-term relationships. One of Dr. Fakhouri’s first patients was his mother. Since diagnosing and treating her skin cancer, he feels honored to treat every patient as an extended member of his family. A diagnosis of skin cancer is overwhelming and scary, but the team at Skin Cancer Specialists takes the journey with you, providing high-quality, expert care to cure your cancer while giving you the best cosmetic result. Dr. Fakhouri has treated thousands of skin cancers using the gold standard of treatment: Mohs micrographic surgery. This intensive, stepwise procedure ensures complete cancer removal while preserving the maximum amount of healthy skin. You can count on Dr. Fakhouri’s experience and his rating as one of the most efficient and precise Mohs surgeons in the U.S. Although they specialize in treating skin cancer, the team at Skin Cancer Specialists treat patients for the full scope of dermatological concerns. Whether you have acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, or any other type of skin condition, you’ll receive prompt treatment and advanced care such as laser therapy, when appropriate. You can also schedule full-body skin cancer screening to evaluate moles and lesions for signs of melanoma. Everyone is welcome at Skin Cancer Specialists, so call the office, or use the online booking feature to schedule an appointment.

“Every patient is treated like family.

I listen to what they have to say about their cancer and their care.”

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