Comprehensive Surgical Care To Retirement Communities

We Offer Comprehensive Surgical Care Solutions To Members of Retirement Communities

Surgical Care Solutions To Members of Retirement Communities

Preventing The Spread of Cancer Through Early Detection

Here at skin cancer specialists, we make every effort to ensure elderly populations have access to the best surgical care services. No matter your age or health status, Dr. Fakhouri can help you overcome your skin cancer before we march into the new year. Our staff truly understands how unsettling it can be to live with skin cancer, which can be incredibly challenging if you or a loved one is a retirement community member without access to professional skin cancer treatment.

What The Experts Are Saying

According to Dermatology Times, Non-melanoma skin cancer cases have increased amongst elderly populations. Anne Lynn S. Chang, M.D, an associate professor of dermatology at Stanford University School of Medicine, explains that dermatologists can expect to see a dramatic increase in very elderly patients with NMSCs because age is the strongest risk factor. In light of this reality, we would like to help members overcome their skin cancer. We are excited about the opportunity to help people in need of skin cancer surgery. Through these initiatives, we hope to see people live longer, happier lives without worrying about skin cancer being a part of it.

If you or a loved one is a retirement community member in need of skin cancer surgery, contact us today for comprehensive surgical care solutions. You can also access the full article from Dermatology Times here.

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